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Welcome to the Web site of Designed Instruction.

Designed Instruction is an education research and development firm focused on improving student learning through design and development of instructional products, education research and evaluation, and alignment of instructional products and programs with state and national education standards.

If you represent an organization seeking assistance in one or more of these areas, please visit our business services section below. If you are an educator or parent seeking research-based teaching strategies and instructional materials for school or home use, please visit our instructional resources section below.

Business Services: Education Product Development, Consulting, and Standards Alignment

Business Services: Development and Consulting

Whether your product or program focuses on young children, students, or teachers, our services ensure a strong research base, clear content alignment with education standards, and effective approaches that center on learning from planning through follow-up. Read further about Designed Instruction's Business Services, or go directly to:

Education Product Design/Development

Education Consulting (research/review/evaluation)

Education Standards Alignment/Correlation


Instructional Resources: Teaching Activities, Tips, and Research for Teachers and Parents

Instructional Resources
Teachers and parents—browse our early childhood education resources at the PreKorner or our K-12 learning and teaching resources at LearningLeads. At either, you get the foundation research, proven instructional strategies, and the tangible teaching resources that you need to help your students learn in the classroom or in the home.

For more, go to Instructional Resources.



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